About Me

Kara Pierce is an award winning educator, and the creator of R.E.A.C.H. (Resources and Educational Advocacy for Classroom Help). Ms. Pierce is a respected Intervention Specialist and Educational Consultant, with a background in Alternative Programs, Special Education and Legal Compliance. Ms. Pierce’s education includes a B.A. in Liberal Arts, M.A. in Management, and post-graduate work in Education, and Organizational Behaviors. Ms. Pierce’s academic proficiencies include a Professional Clear Multiple Subject Credential; Administrative Services Certificate; Supplemental Authorizations in English, Health Science, and Music; NCLB qualifications in Language Arts, Self-Contained K-8, Science, Math, Music, and all the Social Sciences. Ms. Pierce possess a SDAIE Certification; Certificate of Mediation; and is an active member of C.O.P.A.A. (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc.). R.E.A.C.H. currently serves districts between Tulare and Sacramento Counties, and can-through technology-support students throughout California.

In addition, Ms. Pierce is an NBI (National Business Institute) Distinguished Faculty Member; Emeritus Member At-Large for the Valley PBS Community Advisory Board; partner with local agencies serving students with disabilities; developer of academic initiatives to support the integrity of individualized learning styles and abilities; and enjoys working with the courts supporting juvenile justice, and Supported Decision-Making. Also, Ms. Pierce is an award-winning pianist, composer and author; social-emotional learning presenter, and community volunteer.