Informed Consent

Kara Pierce is an award winning educator, and the creator of REACH (Resources and Educational Advocacy for Classroom Help). Ms. Pierce is a respected Intervention Specialist and Educational Consultant, with a background in Alternative Programs, Special Education and Legal Compliance. Ms. Pierce’s education includes a B.A. in Liberal Arts, M.A. in Management, and post-graduate work in Education, and Organizational Behaviors. Ms. Pierce’s academic proficiencies include a Professional Clear Multiple Subject Credential; Administrative Services Certificate; Supplemental Authorizations in English, Health Science, and Music; NCLB qualifications in Language Arts, Self-Contained K-8, Science, Math, Music, and all the Social Sciences. Ms. Pierce possess a SDAIE Certification; Certificate of Mediation; and is an active member of COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc.). REACH currently serves districts between Tulare and Sacramento Counties, and can-through technology-support students throughout California.

In addition, Ms. Pierce is an NBI (National Business Institute) Distinguished Faculty Member; Emeritus Member At-Large for the Valley PBS Community Advisory Board; partner with local agencies serving students with disabilities; developer of academic initiatives to support the integrity of individualized learning styles and abilities; and enjoys working with the courts supporting juvenile justice, and Supported Decision-Making. in addition, Ms. Pierce is an award-winning pianist, composer and author; social-emotional learning presenter, and community volunteer.

R.E.A.C.H. provides Parent, Community and Institutional assistance with IEPs, IEEs, 504 Plans, Professional Development, Learning Recovery, Settlement Agreements, Manifestation Determinations, Assessment Evaluations, Goal Writing, Supported Decision Making, Bullying Prevention, Parent Training, and more.