I have known Kara Pierce for thirty years during which time I established a private practice in Fresno as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Specializing in troubled and special needs youth and their families, I have enjoyed both a personal and professional perspective of the exemplary legacy of Kara’s work, inspiring and motivating students to extraordinary successes. Her knowledge and fluency of the education system is peerless, and her ability to clarify and bring consensus has earned her a reputation as a compassionate, yet tough educational advocate.

Richard Reither M.A., L.M.F.T. / Fresno, California

My son had been in the Special Education ‘system’ for years. At times I doubted he would make it to high school. During my son’s 8th grade year I asked Ms. Pierce to review his I.E.P. She was stunned to find that, with unmeasurable objectives, my son had seemingly not advanced for years. After using Ms. Pierce as an advocate, she not only had his I.E.P. rewritten, but had him re-tested, and given a career assessment. My son has now graduated from C.A.R.T. and attends Fresno City College.

S.R. / Fresno, California

I have had the privilege to know Kara Pierce for the last fourteen years and during that time Kara has shown herself to be a leader amongst her peers as many seek her advice and counsel. The expertise and knowledge base that Kara has developed allows her to engage in the development and implementation of educational plans that addresses the academic and the affective child. Kara's fervor for the welfare of students has placed her in the highest realm of respect by their parents. Kara has made connections with children where others had given up hope. Kara will not only make the connection, but because of her love of the child, will take it to a level of a lifetime relationship.

Robert Chavez M.A. Ed. Admin. (Former Chief Academic Officer), Madera Unified School District / Madera, California

I have known Ms. Pierce as both a professional colleague and personal friend for over sixteen years. In my positions as a school nurse and mental health counselor I have worked closely with Ms. Pierce. She looks behind student difficulties so that she can mitigate the source...whether it be in-classroom, at home, or within the student’s other associations/affiliations. I have found Ms. Pierce to, not only be a fearless student advocate within the educational system, but a dynamic community educator as well.

Ruth K. Tyler M.S., M.A., RN , L.M.F.T. (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Credentialed School Nurse) / Portland, Oregon

My son had behavior problems that got him expelled from private school. Ms. Pierce

helped me transition my son to public school, and receive Speech Services.

K.K. M.S. Accounting / Clovis, California

My daughter was denied special education for over eight years. Ms. Pierce got her tested and made the school district give her the education she needed. My daughter works at a pre-school now and wants to start other children out right loving education.

M.R. / Madera, California

My grandson lives with me and had a lot of anger over his mom abandoning him. It seemed like he was in trouble everyday at school. Ms. Pierce convinced the school to work with him, not against him. My grandson still struggles, but now he gets B’s and C’s instead of all F’s and doesn’t hate school.

S.P. / Visalia, California

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