Resources and Educational Advocacy for Classroom Help


My fee is $60.00 an hour. This fee takes into account the median income of the Central Valley, my education and experience, and wages commensurate with the Central Valley’s tutoring community. Upon my discretion I may utilize a sliding scale, or charge a project vs. hourly fee. I require a $250.00 retainer with the exception of project based or pro bono work. The retainer covers part of the expenses associated with initiating special education services, consultation(s), reviewing and notating your child’s IEP, BIP, ITP, etc. After you contact me I will provide you with up to a (1) hour consultation (typically over the phone free of charge). Be aware there is a limit as to how much we can cover in an hour.


During the consultation we will mutually determine whether I can perform a service that will move your child closer to his/her academic goals. Signing this form constitutes your acknowledgment of and obligation to the consultation fee. at the end of our meeting. Engaging in the consultation constitutes your acknowledgment and obligation of the consultation fee. School districts resource a cadre of teachers, specialists, administrative officials and lawyers to substantiate and support their decisions. Everything a school district purports can be analyzed, but not necessarily challenged. If I do not believe you have a defensible position/case I will tell you. I represent R.E.A.C.H. as an ethical service, not a means to a financial end. If we mutually agree I should be retained, you will be asked to sign this document, which-once executed with your signature-will become a contract.


I will never perform a service without consulting you first. Your consent to the service(s) will serve as an acknowledgment and obligation to pay for the service(s). Your service(s) may include, but are not limited to, those found under the tab Services Provided. We both reserve the right to
terminate service(s) at any time, with no further obligation to the contract outside of compensation for previously unpaid service(s). Your invoice will include a description of service(s); date(s); rate(s); and total due. Payment is expected upon receipt of your invoice unless previous arrangements have been made. If the delivery of service(s) extends more than (1) month, you will receive a single superbill per month. I can be reached Monday - Friday (unless prior arrangements have been made) between 8:00 a.m. and 6:.00 p.m. by phone, and (24) hours a day by email. If your need requires more than (15) minutes of communication it will appear as a fraction of an hour on your invoice (i.e. .25, .50, etc.).


Retaining an educational advocate, as with a lawyer, is not a guarantee that your child will prevail. However, you have a reasonable right to expect that your child’s rights will be protected, and that you will receive advice and/or assistance commensurate with the certifications, education, and experience advertised on this website. As part of your service(s) I may need to confer with other
professionals. All educational, medical, psychological and legal documents are confidential and protected by law. A signature from a parent or guardian (unless the child is 18 years old, or legally emancipated) will be required to obtain access to these documents. Additional permission with a signature would be required for sharing information between colleagues, health professionals, and/or special service agencies/organizations.